Kent Estates Partnership Accessibility Statement – Known Issues

Accessibility Statement – Known Issues

As part of our commitment to accessibility we are required to publish where we know there are issues with our website.

We list below areas within the website that we know are not fully accessible. We also explain what we’re doing to fix the issues and give information on alternative ways you can get the content.

Website-wide issues


Audit in progress.


Content issues

The issues listed in this section are related to content on the website.


Audit in progress.


Other Issues

Often there will be other things that are identified that don’t fit into either of the categories above. In this section we list all other issues.


Audit in progress.



There are some types of content that are exempt from accessibility regulations. All exemptions are listed here.


Audit in progress.


What we are doing to fix accessibility issues

We have a plan in place and are working to fix these issues.

We are working with our suppliers to fix all the issues listed here as is stated in contracts we hold with them.

We are also working with all our staff who are responsible for content on the website, to train them in producing more accessible content and to improve all the content already up on the site that has issues.

If you would like more detailed information on our assessments, or a more detailed look at the steps we are taking to fix a particular issue please contact us.

Something missing?

If you believe that something is missing from this list, please contact us. Be as specific and detailed as you can. Please also tell us if you had a good experience on our website.

This page was last updated on 25/02/2020