Housing Minister Christopher Pincher has today (2 March 2020) launched a competition to attract the best and brightest talents of the housing industry to design the homes of the future.

Small businesses, designers and manufacturers are invited to come forward with ideas for new low carbon, age-friendly homes, meeting the highest standards of design.

These homes will be aimed at meeting the needs of the country’s growing elderly generation, using technology and the latest innovations to improve their quality of life.

Three finalists will have the opportunity to partner with developers to deliver homes on a site owned by Homes England.

This follows the government’s recent consultation on a new Future Homes Standard, which would require all new homes built from 2025 to have 80% fewer carbon emissions.

Applicants will submit an outline design for homes that are:

  • Age-friendly and inclusive – appealing to a variety of age groups and adaptable to how needs will change as people become older
  • Low environmental impact – applying technology and construction techniques to deliver net zero carbon emissions
  • Healthy living – promoting better health and wellbeing, such as through access to green spaces and communal areas
  • Deliverable & scalable – homes that can be rolled-out across the country 

To enter the competition, visit the Home of 2030 website. The first phase of the competition will run until Wednesday 15 April 2020.

Press release: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/housing-minister-launches-competition-to-deliver-homes-fit-for-the-future